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We’re a small network of designers, developers, and freelancers that love to get in at ground zero and help you build your product, brand and vision. We’ve worked with YC and venture backed startups as well as pre-company projects. We are passionate about partnering with startups to work cross-discipline helping you ship products fast while telling an impactful story. We can even help for equity, if cash gets tight.

How we can help you ↓

Brand design

Brand identity
Visual design
Brand strategy
Creative direction
Pitch deck

Digital design

User interface
User experience
Design systems
User testing

Industrial design

2D sketching
Concept rendering
Mobility systems
Automotive design
3D sketch models

How we work ↓

Completely remote

We work with companies, agencies and collaborators all across the globe and use remote tools to work effectively.


We believe in the power of clear writing and use chat as our main form of communication, saving countless hours from time-sucking Zoom calls.

Extension of your team

Although we're an independent team coming in, we care about how we integrate into your existing team and strive to keep everything running smoothly.

Always ask "Why?"

We don't like to jump to conclusions too soon. We ask why at every stage to make sure the direction we're heading is the right one.

Clients & experience

— Honda R&D
— Tesla
— Artifact
— Contra
— Thatch

— Xwing
— GM
— Byton
— Udelv

Cool things we've designed

— Web apps
— Mobile apps
— Websites
— Pitch decks
— Brand identities

— Drones
— Concept cars
— Camper vans
— E-scooters
— Consumer products

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